What are the good coffee shop spots on campus?  

I love to do work at coffee shops. Everyone knows Starbucks under 1920 Commons and Pret in Huntsman, but here are a couple others:

  • Saxbys on 40th Street: usually quite crowded, but you get a discount if you ask for a mug!
  • UBB (United By Blue): eco-conscious coffee shop near 34th street. It has also gotten quite crowded, but it doesn't charge extra for nut milks. Make sure to get the punch card.
  • Green Line Cafe: near Winterfell on 40th street. It has quality drinks at a slightly lower price than other places on campus.
  • Metropolitan Cafe & Bakery: right next to Fresh Grocer. Has some good breakfast foods and drinks! Also get the punch card. Smaller space so might be crowded in the late mornings on Fri/Sat/Sun.
  • Williams Cafe: right inside Williams Hall, with student baristas. There's a study room and the student-run thrift-store right next to this cafe.
Wallowing Whale, April 1, 2019, 6:55 pm