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How do Penn students travel to New York City? (accessibility, cost, frequency)

It's super easy – there's lots of bus lines that take you from Philly to NYC. Megabus (use the Unidays $5 off code), BoltBus, Peter Pan, Greyhound, etc. are all good options (but I'm personally bias against Megabus after they cancelled a bus after we waited in the rain for an hour). I think the earlier you book the cheaper, and it's usually $10-20, ~2.5 hrs one way? The buses are super frequent, just check online!

Chunky Chipmunk, April 14th 2019, 1:06 PM

Will my lifestyle as a premed be a lot better at a place like Brown or are there better resources at Penn that are worth it? (Deciding between Penn, Cornell, and Brown)

There's really no way of knowing what your experience will be like because 1) everyone's journey is subjective and 2) premed will be tough anywhere. I will say here at Penn, the premed track is notoriously difficult. There are the general requirements that all students must complete for medical school, meaning premeds tend to major in Biology or Biological Basis of Behavior (BBB), where most of the requirements are fulfilled. But, many premed students here also pursue liberal arts majors such as Health and Societies to get a more well-rounded education, while also taking the necessary biology and chemistry courses.

I don't know much about Cornell, but I believe Brown--unlike Penn--doesn't have any general requirements or sectors students need to fulfill, enabling students to double major more easily. I'm not sure this will make premed easier, but it might let you spread out and explore courses.

Perky Puffin, April 12 2019, 4:28 PM

Where are all the good guys at Penn?

If this is asking what I think it's asking, then I'm wondering too. If you find any, lmk.

Perky Puffin, April 11 2019 6:47 PM

^ here

Rumbling Raccoon, April 11 2019 7:03 PM

Opinions on whether Penn students are really more depressed than students at other schools/Ivies?

Who can say, really? Maybe transfer students might know, but in truth, college is jut difficult. For most of us, it's the first time we've been away from home, and becoming an 'adult' can be terribly stressful and discouraging at times. I think if you asked your friends at other schools all across the country, they might think that they're more depressed than other students at other schools. It's all subjective: some people seem to be really enjoying their time here at Penn. But if you're like me (and you might be if you're asking this question), you might be having a really rough time.

In fairness, Penn does have the highest mental health rating of all the Ivies, boasting of a solid D+ (seriously, and do note the sarcasm: I'm sure there are things the university could be doing better to support the students attending it. But CAPS does exist, and when things get too hard, it is a great resource. Be open and honest about what you're dealing with with those you trust and that might help make a difficult experience a little easier.

Perky Puffin, April 9 2019 2:00 PM

Do I need an internship my Freshman summer?

You certainly don't need an internship during your post-freshman summer. That could be a good time to rest after your first year away from home and adjusting to a new and often intense place. You could travel. Or take a class. Study abroad! At Penn, most students definitely do feel the need to apply and select an internship. But keep in mind that there is nothing wrong with whatever you choose to do, and there are so many options!

The Signal made an awesome data project about this very issue: You can see the different paths students have taken during their years at Penn, and hopefully you find that you have a lot of options with what you can do with your summer.

Perky Puffin, April 8 2019 3:45 PM

Wanted to emphasize that it's 100% okay not to have some amazing internship; freshman summer will be one of the few left where you can do fun things that you want! It's totally Penn culture to believe that everyone has an internship when in reality it's totally uncommon at almost every other school. Spend time discovering what you like, and then maybe work on the skills you need to build before applying to internships the years after!

Chunky Chipmunk, April 8 2019 8:10 PM

What is Dear Penn Freshmen?

Dear Penn Freshmen is a collection of letters written by upperclassmen to their freshman year selves. For more information about how it was started and to see some examples, check out:

Pesky Penguin, April 4th 2019 5:31 pm

Do we get free/discounted Adobe software?

Not from Penn. However, you can use your student email to get Adobe Creative Cloud for students ($20-30 a month for all apps vs $60-80 normally).

Absent Aardvark, April 1st 6:48 PM