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coolest professors to talk to outside of class?

For CIS: Swapneel Sheth is the BEST. Take that man out to lunch at first possible notice. Also Jeffrey Babin is super cool. Take him to Magic Carpet

Zesty Zebra, November 8, 2019, 11:32 PM

Jeffrey Babin is AWESOME. But also Diana Robertson, Dave Meaney, and Graham Wabiszewski are incredible humans as well

Funky Flamingo, 2019 November 09, 11:30 AM

Rajiv Gandhi! Take him out to lunch! Also Richard Shell

Kindred Koala, 2019 November 11, 8:53PM

Adam Grant, but I realize he might be a bit out of reach... Steven Blum (negotiations professor), Domenic Vitiello (Urban Studies/Design - I never took any of his classes, but he set aside time for me to learn from him), any Nursing professor (tbh they're amazing), Peter DeCherney (Cinema Studies), Jacob Rivkin (Fine Arts/Design), Prasanna Tambe (OID/Analytics), Amy Sepinwall (Legal Studies)... also now I'm a bit sad that most of my professors here have been men :( so, a gender studies professor!!

Wallowing Whale, 2019 November 11, 1:11AM

Is a 1-hr for lunch too short based on your experience?

No, that's a good time.

Absent Aardvark, July 1st 1:13 PM

Why do most Quakers recommend taking the BFF dining plan (most dining dollars/least swipes)?

// When I first read the dining plans, my first impression was that the AFK (16 swipes/week & $140 dining dollars) would be the wisest decision. I eat 2-3 meals a day and having 16 swipes would guarantee me that routine.

Upon reading some posts, I noticed that most (not all) Quakers recommend the plan with the most dining dollars & least swipes. I can't help but wonder the reasoning behind this. 8 swipes/week would get me 1 meal a day and $400 dining dollars doesn't seem enough to let me achieve my routine. Won't I end up having to spend out of my allowance/own money to do this? //

Honestly, dining dollars are the best investment because you can use them at anytime, you can buy a good variety of things, and usually you can spend them somewhere that's immediately close to you. Yes, dining halls are nice because the food is unlimited, but they also have weird hours that might not fit with your schedule. And unless it's NCH, the food is pretty meh. Chances are even if you get the plan with the least swipes, you're still not going to use all the swipes because of inconvenience, meh-quality food, or the fact that people at Penn love to eat out and bond over eating out.

Absent Aardvark, June 3rd 5:37 pm

If I get assigned a room (ex. too small) I don't like in the Quad freshman year, can I request to change or relocate to another room?

Yes but I think the chance of the request being granted is pretty low. I think once you see your room in person, regardless of where you're living, you'll find it to be decently sized. I lived in Hill double, which is one of the smallest rooms on campus, and it didn't feel small since you spend so much of your time outside of your room.

Zesty Zebra, May 23 2019, 4:57 PM

What is your favorite memory at Penn?

Every karaoke BYO, for sure.

Absent Aardvark, April 15th 3:47 AM

How are the single rooms in the Hill?

There are two sizes of singles in Hill. One type is a handicap-reserved room that is the same size as a double but without the extra closet. It's crazy large, especially since there is one less bed in there to take up space. They have a hearing impaired doorbell which people like to press in the hallway which is kind of loud lol.  The other type is a smaller room tucked into the corners of the halls. They are smaller, but it doesn't feel cramped since you're just there by yourself. Both of them are just like the rest of Hill: renovated and clean. Would recommend.

Zesty Zebra, May 1st, 2019 1:13 PM

Greetings! I'm currently deciding on which house to rank as my #1 choice — the Quad or the Hill. One of my factors into consideration is the bathroom situation. While I know that the Hill have more spacious/private bathrooms, I'm curious to see those of the Quad.

If it's possible, can anyone take photos/a video of the entire Quad Bathroom?

It would truly help me! Thank you!

lol sure

Absent Aardvark, April 29th 4:17 AM

Smh can't believe this request was granted. Kids are spoiled these days.

Rumbling Raccoon, May 1 5:33 AM

Are there any opportunities to get involved in the greater Philadelphia community?

Here is a link to a couple of opportunities. You could also check out APO, Penn's service fraternity.

Absent Aardvark, April 19th 1:14 PM

Also check out Tech it Out and Hack4Impact if you're into tech.

Rumbling Raccoon, April 19th 9:04 PM

Moving off campus next year, was looking for advice on buying furniture, should I rent or buy? Where can I buy for cheap? Which stores help deliver?

When I moved off campus I bought all of my furniture. IKEA has any and everything you would need to live off campus - from beds and mattresses to cups and spoons. They have pretty good quality for price usually have a sale in August toward the end of the summer. You can either drive to the one in Philadelphia and pick up your stuff (this is what I did, super easy) or you can have them deliver for an extra charge. You can also check Penn Free and For Sale pages on Facebook if you're looking for cheap furniture at the end of the semester.

Hungry Hippo, April 14th 2019, 10:23pm

Is Penn dangerous at night?

Like any city, there are some dangerous things that happen at night. However, Penn has a bunch of services to make sure students stay safe on campus. Penn Division of Public Safety has an emergency help line, a 24/7 walking escort service, and an email/text service alerting students of any dangers, to name a few. There are also over 700 blue light phones around campus which can connect you directly to Penn Public Safety. Read more:

Pesky Penguin, April 10 2019, 9:02 am