Is it true that GPA doesn't matter for some engineering internships? I'm worried that my grades won't be high enough for recruiting :(

Yes, this is true!! Sometimes a higher GPA may get you an interview, but past that, it's totally up to the interviews and most won't consider your GPA after they give you an interview. Also, an okay GPA from Penn will get you a long way, especially in engineering.

If you're computer science, too, lots of companies will send all candidates a coding challenge, and if you do well on that, you'll get an interview. In that case, it's all about what you can do, and not your grades.

Kindred Koala, 2019 11 November, 8:57PM

How hard is it to get into the uncoordinated dual degree program for Wharton? Is the workload hard to keep up if I want to pursue a major (or two minors) at the College (currently interested in Spanish, history, and compsci as possibilities) as well?

Also, are a lot of the recruiting opportunities for IBs and consulting firms limited to the students at Wharton or are they generally accessible by people across the different schools at Penn?


Chill dude — I know people at Penn have a tendency to do so, but why work yourself to death? Try taking at least the intro class for each of the major/minor you're interested in before making a decision. The workload is definitely very hard for uncoordinated dual (check question adee47), and you'll never know whether it's worth it until you get through a semester with 7 classes.

For recruiting, the opportunities (on campus) are there for everyone, but it might help to have that Wharton name on your resume.

Rumbling Raccoon, April 25th 2019 1:27 am

Is GPA important for getting a job?

It depends on the job. Certain jobs have a GPA minimum that is a barrier to entry for their application process. Separately, GPA may be correlated to learning. While it probably should not be the case, employers may see a higher GPA as an indicator of the amount you learned while in a specific class.

Pesky Penguin, April 4th 2019 2:29 Pm

Can my advisor approve a 7 CU (Fall) schedule if I have a ~3.4 GPA but do well this semester? Sophomore here.

As the limit is 5.5, I feel that requesting 7 credits might be a stretch. Your advisor might be more comfortable allowing you to take 6. But my dear child, why on God's green earth would you want to? I am currently taking 6--I thought I was strong enough. I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. It hurts. Immensely.
Unless you absolutely have to take more than the limit, don't go over the recommended 5.5 credits. You'll be happy you didn't.

Perky Puffin, April 1st 2019 6:47 PM

From experience (actually was in the exact same situation my sophomore year), almost certainly not. Engineering probably won't do it. Your best bet is to go for maybe a semester of less difficult courses and try and do well so it's more convincing to school administration. You likely need a good reason to take 7 (ex: graduation) to get it approved.

However, second to the above – unless you really need to, it's totally okay to never take 7 classes. I took a semester of 7 CU due to graduation/pre-req reasons (and had to petition for it – see here), and with fewer extracurricular commitments than other semesters it was still one of the most challenging things I've done, and I even took a class P/F there.

If you can get by with doing semesters of 6, whether that's through finding ways to satisfy requirements by double-counting or balancing out things, you might find yourself less stressed and happier! But you should definitely ask your advisor about your road to graduation, so you guys can figure out if that's necessary to do 7 – talking to mine helped a lot.

Bovine Bear, April 9 2019, 6:40 PM