Any advice about having a roommate vs having a single? I've never shared a room before and like the idea of having more privacy with a single, but I'm worried about making friends and being lonely if I don't have a roommate.

I went random on a double freshman year without previously sharing a room with anyone before, and it was a great experience. Even though I was initially averse to the idea, my freshman year was made better by spending a lot of time with someone who pushed me to do things outside of my comfort zone that I wouldn't have normally chosen for myself. My roommate is still one of my good friends, and we both share that first year together as a common bond. There are some people who have negative experiences with their roommates, but I find these to be minimal, and there's something about having to work with another person that I feel made me a more flexible and whole person. Later down the line in college you can always switch to a single person room, but I think it's a good experience to share a space with someone for a year before writing it off.

If you do decide to have a single, don't fear being lonely! A roommate is only one person in a 10k+ undergrad population, there's still plenty of people in your hall, your classes, your extracurriculars, etc. that you will end up spending tons of time with. Best of luck with your decision!

Zesty Zebra, 1/29/20, 12:05 AM

I got a single freshman year, and it was by far the best housing decision I've ever made! I loved having my own personal space to unwind at the end of the day, without having to think about another person being in the room. I never felt lonely or restricted by my single, since I had friends who would let me hang out in their dorms all the time. The best part about the single was having the choice to be alone when I wanted to be.

In the end, it all comes down to personal preferences. Some people like being surrounded by others 24/7, while others prefer having their own space. Think about what your needs are, then go from there!

Dynamic Dino, 2/1/20, 7:05 PM