How selective are dance groups at Penn? I don't have that much experience, so I feel like I have no chance to get in.

All dance groups at Penn encourage people with no experience at all to try out! As long as you have interest in dancing, going to try out is a great experience as you can learn a dance for free, exercise, and meet new people (there’s nothing to lose)! That being said, of course teams will take who they deem fit for their team, so some look for potential and also skills they can utilize. If the pool of applicants is super talented and has prior experience, then it will be harder to get in. Don’t let this discourage you! I never had experience in a style before I tried out for one of the teams I’m on, so just try your best and keep trying out if you really want to be in the team! Also a lot of teams hold workshops where they teach different style dances (check fb events); you can attend these to get more practice!

Chunky Chipmunk, April 7, 2019 1:46pm