If I'm not interested in drinking/parties, should I still rush a sorority?

Sororities can be lots of things - they can give you a community, a network of people on campus, philanthropic opportunities, and yes, lots of social opportunities like mixers and formals. It's definitely not uncommon for girls in my sorority not to drink, and everyone is super respectful of that. It's more rare for girls not to want to go to parties, even if it's just to hang out with their sisters. I would say there's a lot you can get out of a sorority if you're not into that stuff - a close network of friends, philanthropy, social events outside of parties, etc. - but I will say that Greek life in general is structured to be a social activity, and the most common form of that is partying on the weekends, so you may want to ask yourself whether it's worth it both with your money and your time/energy to rush if you think you won't be attending the majority of the social events where you'll get to hang out with other girls. However, this also totally depends on the sorority, and some are more focused on partying than others. I'd say if you're in doubt, rush, talk to the girls about this, and see if you think it's for you!

Kindred Koala, 20 January 2020, 4:25PM