What were your experiences in choosing between colleges / choosing to go to Penn?

My parents were typical Asian parents and wanted me to apply to all the "top" schools, so I ended up visiting a couple of places during my junior year summer. Before that I was still pretty indifferent about any of the colleges I had checked out, but after visiting Penn I realized that I kind of enjoyed a lot of the unique aspects of Penn. Like yes, we are known for being "snake-y" but I think in some way we're more honest about it than other schools. Campus is pretty during the warmer months (rip winters). The party scene at Penn is pretty vibrant, the location is ideal for me (I have family in Philly and NYC), and academics are good, obviously.

I ended up ED-ing to Penn, since it  became my first choice. If I hadn't gotten in (which I was really nervous about), I would've probably gone to state school since tuition was a big part of my college decisions and I had a full ride to my local university. I do think that if I had gone somewhere not Penn I wouldn't have missed out on much (except for maybe the connections you can find at Penn?), but that's a really what-if kind of statement.

Absent Aardvark, April 11th 1:36 AM