Does living in a single during freshman year hinder your social life at all?

Not at all. Almost all of my friends are from clubs or classes, so living in a single hasn't impacted me at all. It's true that having a roommate might make it easier to expand friend groups (although it's a 50/50 whether you like your roommate in the first place), but I don't think it's that important to having a good social life at Penn.

Absent Aardvark, April 15th 8:42 PM

I lived in a single my freshman year and it was a FANTASTIC choice. It was great to have my own space to go back to and just chill. If you can foster a close hall community (which is also 50/50) having a single makes no difference. I hung out with my hall literally everyday in our lounge and essentially was just back in my room to sleep.

Angsty Armadillo, April 16th 11:17 AM