I’ve read a lot about the crazy competitiveness at Penn regarding becoming a member of the executive board of different pre professional organizations/clubs, but how exactly does the process for becoming an officer work, specifically for premed societies? Is it similar to high school for officer of clubs, or is it way different?

On another note, do most Penn premed undergrads who go to med school end up becoming members of the boards of different societies (i.e. is this a common feature of most med school apps from Penn UGs and is thus expected of applicants by med schools)?

I can't speak to pre-med-specific examples, but engineering orgs have a similar reputation of being kind of cut-throat for admission. Once your in the organization, a lot of the decisions around who becomes an officer are really up to how committed  you are to the org / your interest in the role.

Just looking at the stats, seems like 170 people end up going to med school each year from penn, and basic math seems to say it's impossible for all of these ppl to be on the board of pre-med societies or pre-med clubs. You're much better off on focusing on what you enjoy rather than title-chasing. I'm not a board member in the three main orgs that i'm a part of, but i find the work I do to be extremely rewarding even if I don't have "supreme leader" next to my name (although now that i think about it that would be lowkey nice).

TL;DR you'll find what you love to do here; there are so many opportunities if you just look beyond the titles! Hope this helps, and good luck with your first year!

Zesty Zebra, 2/22/2020 6:50 PM

might be nice to not join pre-med societies tbh while you're on the path; i have a friend who really likes not being part of the premed frats and societies. it's less stressful, and you'll be surrounded by people with different interests (premed culture can be overly intense and suffocating at times). and seriously, like zesty zebra said, please go find what you're interested in!

Hopeful Horse, 2/25/2020 9:15am