What is the live music scene like in Philly?  How do I find out about concerts/how expensive are they?

So many great artists come by Philly but concerts are soo much more affordable than other big cities like NY.  If your fave artist has new music out, it's likely they'll stop by here and/or New Jersey, which is also easy to get to.  Philly has hosted big names like Ariana Grande, Lorde, and Panic!At the Disco at Wells Fargo Center, EDM artists at clubs like District N9ne, and smaller indie bands at places like Kungfu Necktie.  The most expensive tickets I've seen are upwards of $100s at Wells Fargo Center, but you can still get (faraway) seats around $50 there.  I've also been to concerts for as little as $15!  I usually use Songkick to send me emails about upcoming events at venues I know and artists I like.  Spotify is pretty good at notifying you about your artists, too!

Friendly Fox, April 15 2019 11:53 PM