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Friendly Fox
Pre-med junior in the College studying English and Bio. Passionate about volunteering in Philly, research, and a not-too-pre-professional Penn life.
Absent Aardvark
Freshman M&T studying CIS and an undecided Wharton concentration. I’m involved in work study, a lot of design opportunities around campus, and cultural clubs.
Obnoxious Otter
Pre-med sophomore in the College majoring in EALC (Chinese) and Biology. I've experienced how to manage pre-health coursework plus double majoring, as well as getting into a lab to do research.
Wallowing Whale
Junior in Wharton - really involved in tech and social impact at Penn. Has probs applied for 100 clubs and 100 companies in OCR. Great at discovering cool events, free food, and resources at Penn.
Lovely Lion
Junior in the School of Nursing. I’m involved in lobbying for student groups at Penn and plan to be an adult acute care nurse. I value mentorship, so I'm happy to answer any questions you have!
Fanatic Frog
Sophomore in the College majoring in PPE and planning on law school. Active in too many clubs (community service, Greek life, etc.). Recruited for jobs in DC and worked down in our nation’s capital.
Perky Puffin
Junior in the College hoping to write, really write, one day--like a book, movie or cool TV series. Kind of unexpected based on current life choices. Has run, burned out, and recovered (repeatedly).
Chunky Chipmunk
Sophomore in DMD who loves drawing, eating, and wasting time. Ask me about being in two dance teams, fine arts, or failing cis classes! I'm also involved in cultural and diversity clubs on campus!
Pesky Penguin
Freshman in M&T studying Bioengineering and Entrepreneurial Management. Ask me about being in a sorority, choosing between majors, Wharton clubs, and anything in between.
Zesty Zebra
Sophomore in Engineering. Started as CIS, then CIS and Wharton, and now CIS again. Maybe next month I'll be CIS and Wharton again. Who knows. Ask me about anything!
Angsty Armadillo
Junior studying Mechanical Engineering and Entrepreneurial MGMT. I’m a TA and involved in a G95 sponsored organization in Wharton & WITG. Ask me about not studying CIS, entrepreneurship, or food.
Extroverted Eel
Junior in chemistry who loves writing, science, and catching up on sleep. Involved with some academic and performing clubs. Ask me about balancing a startup with schoolwork or avoiding burn out!
Trusty Turtle
Junior in nursing interested in many things nursing-wise. Involved in volunteerism, ecological impact, & staying active. Big proponent of taking care of yourself & getting outside the Penn bubble.
Petty Panda
Junior in Wharton not doing finance! Involved in a variety of extracurriculars and greek life as well as being here on that F1 Visa.
Hungry Hippo
Junior in Wharton going into finance (shocking). Would love to answer questions about playing a sport in college, studying abroad, and being a minority at Penn.
Bovine Bear
Junior studying Computer Science and Statistics. Love traveling, baseball, and playing around with a camera. Ask me about cultural orgs, being indecisive about classes/clubs/careers, or going abroad!
Amazing Ant
Sophomore in Nursing interested in Healthcare MGMT. Involved w/ dance, student gov’t, greek life, and entrepreneurship at Penn. Has endured club apps & sub-matriculation into grad school.