How costly is it to live/explore/eat in Philadelphia? (restaurants, movies, concerts, museums, etc.)

It's not very costly to live in Philly. Some of the best food is from the food trucks around campus which will usually run up to $8 at most for healthy portions. For sit-down restaurants, some of the most highly rated ones around the city are also cheaply priced with big portions, like Quality Taste (Jamaican) Koreana (Korean food, duh).

In terms of movies, most people go to the Cinemark near campus which is decently priced, although torrenting movies from the internet at home is always free! All the dope museums to explore like the Rodin Museum or Philly Art Museum have regular pay-what-you-wish dates/times where you can get in for at least one cent.

Concerts vary widely but can be the priciest thing on this list; if you're going to the Made in America festival or seeing another big name artist, expect to drop a couple hundred dollars on tickets. But smaller artists or local groups can be a lot cheaper, and some websites can get you student discounts. OpenArts Philly always has deals, and is currently giving out completely free tickets to students to see La Bohème at the opera! In general, if you want to explore/experience Philly, you won't run out of free and fun things to do.

Extroverted Eel, April 14 2019, 19:00