What is the best weekend to have a friend from out of town come and visit me?

Usually, I'd say invite your friend on a weekend where you aren't super stressed with lots of assignments or exams to prep for. Sometimes that sours the visit for both of you. But in terms of fun weekends where lots of events/parties are happening, the top times are probably Halloween, maybe Valentine's Day weekend, St. Patrick's Day weekend, and Spring Fling weekend, which is usually in mid to late April - the week of Fling is really social/spirited, if you want your friend to experience that! But just know that all your other social groups will plan things, so either there's a tradeoff between spending time with your friend vs. other groups, or you can ask whether your friend is comfortable with joining your groups. I'd also say when the weather is warmer it's a better visit, since there are more things to do in Philly.

Wallowing Whale, January 20, 2020 3:57pm