Is living in the Quad for the social life worth passing up on way better conditions at a house like Hill?

I had the same predicament for the exact same reasons when I was deciding between Hill and Quad. I ended up choosing Hill, and I am extremely happy with my choice. What I've found is that there is social life everywhere at this school, and I would argue that Hill Β is structured in a way that adds to the social atmosphere here. Every couple of rooms has a communal lounge area that people use all the time. Plus, the fact that we have a dining hall (that's the best on campus IMO) within our dorm is great for the cold winter. As an engineer, Hill's proximity to the Engineering Quad is really convenient. A lot of my reasoning was personal to me, so hopefully another contributor who chose Quad can chime in on this.

Here's a great DP article on the subject:

TL;DR You won't miss out on social life anywhere here, so either is a great choice!

Zesty Zebra, April 4 2019 12:20 AM

I lived in the quad freshman year, and I think it's worth it! Granted, Hill wasn't open, but I'll compare it to NCH here – the Quad's social feel and centrality to campus was particularly helpful, especially as my classes were on both ends of campus. There were places like Mobo lounge to hang out with friends constantly, and there's plenty of food trucks outside which is always a plus.

New Hill does look nice and from above answer, it's also pretty social! I wouldn't say that the Quad is unmeasurably better than Hill for example in terms of social life, but I also don't think that Hill's superior quality is that much of a difference-maker. If it's your first year in college, the differences between college halls really aren't that much of a dealbreaker :P

Seconding the point above that location is very important as well. If you're going out a lot you might find Hill annoyingly far, whereas if your classes are all in Engineering and DRL then the 10-15 minute walk from the Quad definitely isn't fun for 8am math recitation. I'd prioritize that in choosing housing!

Bovine Bear, April 9 2019, 2:47 PM