How hard is it to make friends freshman year? As someone who isn't the most extroverted person, I'm scared that it will be difficult for me to find some new people.

Hey, I would say that most of us had some challenges finding friends freshmen year, and that's totally OK! You definitely don't have to be the most extroverted person. I think everyone is a bit nervous - it's important that you try to put yourself out there a little and go to events that you're interested in, so you end up finding people you have common interests with. In the first semester, there are tons of smaller-scale events (e.g. those with your college house) and meet-and-greets for clubs and your hall. If a group of people or environment isn't your vibe and you don't feel comfortable, please don't try to push it - there are definitely kind people out there who you can genuinely connect with, but you might need to give it a few tries.

Most of my friends (juniors and seniors) agree with me in that we didn't find our closest friends until sophomore/junior year. It takes time! But I know that a lot of people find friends freshmen year through their hall, classes, and clubs. It just takes a tiny bit of initiative to ask people to study together, go get a meal, or go to a fun event on campus or in the city. In Freshmen Fall, people are definitely open and trying to find friends. If you really vibe with someone, don't be afraid to reach out! :)

Wallowing Whale, January 25, 2020, 2:35pm