How is Quaker Day? What does the day consist of and what do you do during it? Are there activities? Also, would you say it is fun and worth going to?

Great breakdown of the pros and cons of going to Quaker Days (although they no longer have a separate event for ED students):

I found it to be a good glimpse into what my future would potentially look like at Penn. It allows you to get a day in the life of a student without all of that burdensome school work. Definitely a good time, I felt like I kind of had some sort of clarity coming into the first day of school because I found people during Quaker Days that I liked! That's not to say you'll become best friends with them or anything, but I think getting to know that first batch of people was a good intro to the college life :).

Zesty Zebra, 2/22/2020 6:55 PM