I'm a freshman considering an uncoordinated dual degree between Engineering and Wharton. Is it worth it?

Depending on your AP credit, you'll be looking at 7-7.5 credits per semester. If you're interested in only certain areas of business, then it might be better to finish your Engineering degree and take Wharton classes in the areas of your interest (5-6 c.u/sem), rather than swallowing both degrees whole.  

There are ways to pursue business without becoming a full-fledged Wharton student. SEAS offers an Engineering Entrepreneurship Minor, and Wharton offer a Consumer Psychology and Statistics Minors for those looking for a minor credential from either school.

Zesty Zebra, April 2nd, 2019, 7:45pm

Chiming in here to offer another opinion. Even though it is true that uncoordinated students do take 7 classes at times, I think the normal range can be anywhere from 6-7. With enough AP credit, I've heard uncoordinated students sometimes not ever take 7 (plus now it's harder to get 7 approved with new engineering department restrictions).

If you are truly passionate about learning about both disciplines, I would meet with your advisor to make a 4-year plan to see what your course load might look like. Another option is always doing an extra semester to lighten the load!

Angsty Armadillo, April 2nd, 2019 9:39pm