I know many students face a lot of mental health challenges during school; are there any helpful tips / lifestyle choices that help y'all keep yourself well?

I definitely found myself struggling with mental health more since coming to college, and these are some things I've found that help me cope:

1) Above all, be kind to yourself! Try not to be too hard on yourself, accept the mistakes/failures you make, and appreciate that you're handling a lot and doing the best you can. Celebrate the little, day-to-day wins and recognize when you've reached your limit.

2) Getting off campus - whether it's going for a walk in the city or going to a coffee shop downtown on the weekends to get some work done, this helps you get a chance to breathe away from what can be a stressful environment and helps you see the bigger picture.

3) Prioritizing my physical & emotional wellbeing over schoolwork, internships, even social life, etc. - I learned quickly that I don't function well when I'm not sleeping or eating well or exercising, so I've learned to prioritize these things, even when I have a lot on my plate. I've also learned that it's okay to take a day or two off and take the time to refresh. It's okay to say no to things that feel like too much and just taking some time for yourself.  

3) Opening up to friends - talking to the people around you who support you really makes a huge difference and may take some of the weight off of your shoulders. Being vulnerable with others also helps them open up to you!

4) Therapy - CAPs has been a great resource for me, and even if it's not the right fit for you, they can point you in the direction of resources that may be helpful for you. Don't be afraid/ashamed to go to therapy or take the medication that you need - it could make a huge difference in the quality of your life, and it's right there on campus for you to use.

Hope that helps!!

Kindred Koala, 20 January 2020, 4:18pm