Are Penn's Freshman Pre-orientation programs worth it? What are the specific benefits?

Kindred Koala, 11/07/19, 9:26PM

I did the Advancing Women in Engineering pre-orientation program, and I'm definitely glad I did! I think I got to move in 4-5 days early, so I definitely felt like I was more settled in and comfortable by the time other freshmen moved on. My orientation was on campus, so I got to know the city/campus a bit as well. I also got to meet other freshmen and got some great advice for upperclassmen. Overall, I would say the content wasn't anything essential, but the biggest benefit was that it settled my nerves going into freshmen year and gave me a lot of friendly faces in the first few weeks, which can make a big difference.

Some are definitely a bit more intense (PennQuest) and can seem a bit culty lol but definitely give you a great community of people coming in. If you don't do one, you'll also be totally fine, and though it might seem like everyone has friends who did pre-orientation programs when you come in, everyone else catches up in a few days.