Between the Hill and the Quad, which one would tends to have the most activities for getting closer to others in the dorm? I know both hold events but was wondering how they differ in the style, extent, and frequency of events and bonding.

I lived in Hill freshman year, there were around 20 of us assigned to our RA, and the RA had several hundred dollars to plan events for each semester, and that included monthly hall dinners, going to the movies, a roommate quiz night, that sort of thing. I wouldn't say that my hallmates were my best friends or anything, but those bonding activities throughout the first couple of months were a great way for new students like me to get on my feet socially. Hill also hosts a constant stream of  events that you should go to as well! Hopefully another contributor who lived in the Quad can speak to their experience, but I believe it's pretty similar.

There are so many opportunities to meet friends on campus, especially within the first few months of school, so don't worry if you don't find you best friends in your immediate vicinity in your dorm!

Shoutout Onteria Harris, #1 RA btw :)

Zesty Zebra, 1/26/20, 5:53 PM

From my experience living in the Quad last year, I'd say the level of hall bonding was pretty variable across halls. In my hall, there were around 20 people assigned to our RA. We didn't have many hall-only bonding activities, but there were plenty of house-wide events offered, including weekly events (pancake brunches, faculty dinners, study breaks) and special outings (Six Flags, movies, Broadway shows). These events are a really convenient way to meet new people and spend time with your hallmates, especially at the start of the year when everyone is actively looking to make new friends.

Also, going off what the previous answerer said, there are so many opportunities to make friends throughout the year, so don't feel limited to the people in your hall/house! It's very typical for freshmen to develop close friendships with people living in other dorms as the year progresses.

Dynamic Dino, 1/26/20 6:05 PM