Are consulting clubs worth it? I haven't been accepted to any of them...

I spent a little over a year in a consulting club, so I'm a bit biased but I think yes – you're working with clients (which range from startups to Fortune-500s in our case) and expected to provide solid analysis and recommendations to them. You learn a lot through working on the projects, building up industry expertise: for example, through my projects, I learned more about the retail industry and digital marketing, which I probably wouldn't have gotten exposure to as early without it (I didn't take MKTG 101 until junior fall).

It develops your presentation skills, both in formulating recommendations, making slides (ha, fun), and most importantly public speaking when you're faced with clients who may work full-time jobs in the industry (or in the case of startups, have dedicated their dreams to this cause) but you're the one communicating ideas to them about improving their business. Also, projects can be interesting things to talk about on a resume.

You don't have to be set on a consulting career to benefit from the clubs, although it is true that a good chunk of club members end up in consulting roles. It can be a good way to see if it's a fit for you too! If you're worried about getting in, I'd look into some basic MKTG 101 concepts for putting names to the ideas that clubs might be looking for you to identify/use!

Bovine Bear, April 9 2019, 2:41 PM