coolest professors to talk to outside of class?

For CIS: Swapneel Sheth is the BEST. Take that man out to lunch at first possible notice. Also Jeffrey Babin is super cool. Take him to Magic Carpet

Zesty Zebra, November 8, 2019, 11:32 PM

Jeffrey Babin is AWESOME. But also Diana Robertson, Dave Meaney, and Graham Wabiszewski are incredible humans as well

Funky Flamingo, 2019 November 09, 11:30 AM

Rajiv Gandhi! Take him out to lunch! Also Richard Shell

Kindred Koala, 2019 November 11, 8:53PM

Adam Grant, but I realize he might be a bit out of reach... Steven Blum (negotiations professor), Domenic Vitiello (Urban Studies/Design - I never took any of his classes, but he set aside time for me to learn from him), any Nursing professor (tbh they're amazing), Peter DeCherney (Cinema Studies), Jacob Rivkin (Fine Arts/Design), Prasanna Tambe (OID/Analytics), Amy Sepinwall (Legal Studies)... also now I'm a bit sad that most of my professors here have been men :( so, a gender studies professor!!

Wallowing Whale, 2019 November 11, 1:11AM