What laptop should I get for M&T? Mac or something else? What do most people prefer?

I'll just answer this in regards to Wharton and Engineering, respectively:

Your Wharton classes won't have huge demands on your laptop other than maybe requiring you to download software like SPSS or NVivo or Stata, which run fine on either Mac or Windows (the installation process for SAS is a bit complex, though).  

As for Engineering, I would suggest buying Windows. Although CIS is fine on both Windows and Mac, a lot of other software (especially if you're thinking about civil, mechanical, or electrical engineering) is optimized for Windows and may not run as well or have the same range of application on a Mac. The Mac vs. Windows ownership among my friends is generally half and half, I would say.

I personally have a Surface Book 2 and it hasn't failed me yet. I like it a lot more than Macs because it's a lot more flexible in regards to various uses (coding, design, video editing, etc) and I think the Windows OS is a lot more functional. All in all you should be fine regardless of whichever you choose (since as a student you'll have access to a lot of resources if you find your laptop suddenly lacking), and I would probably prioritize thinking about the cost, battery life, and which specs you want on your laptop over Windows vs Mac.

Absent Aardvark, April 7th 2019 1:25 PM

Weird flex but ok.

The response above pretty much covered everything. If you're a CIS major like I am, Macs probably work a lot better for upper-level CIS classes. With a Windows laptop, you can always run everything on a virtual machine – it'll just be less convenient. If you plan to study any major other than CIS or NETS, what kind of laptop you use matters even less.

That being said, if you do plan to get a Mac, you might wanna take advantage of Apple's student discount, which you can get with a letter of acceptance from Penn.

Rumbling Raccoon, April 7 2019 4:29 PM