I'm an incoming English major in the College of Arts and Sciences. Do y'all find advising to be helpful in determining your curriculum, or are you better off turning to students?

I'm a CIS major but an English minor; my CIS advisor has been fine but not super helpful other than to offer the standard academic advice, and the CIS upperclassmen have been really great at offering their personal experience in classes. In my experience, English professors are a lot more invested in students and give more personal, tailored advice, so hopefully this will be your experience! But I would say definitely reach out to multiple students as well for feedback on their favorite classes / advice, since their perspective will be different than a professor's, and I think it's valuable to get a mix of opinions.

Kindred Koala, 20 January 2020, 4:32pm

I'm a sophomore in the College. From my experience, advising is super helpful for making sure you're on the right track for finishing all the sector/foundational requirements in time. Advisors know all the specific rules for fulfilling these requirements, like the restrictions double-counting courses. That being said, upperclassmen and departmental professors are definitely more helpful resources for recommending specific courses!

Dynamic Dino, 27 January 2020, 11:35am