Opinions on whether Penn students are really more depressed than students at other schools/Ivies?

Who can say, really? Maybe transfer students might know, but in truth, college is jut difficult. For most of us, it's the first time we've been away from home, and becoming an 'adult' can be terribly stressful and discouraging at times. I think if you asked your friends at other schools all across the country, they might think that they're more depressed than other students at other schools. It's all subjective: some people seem to be really enjoying their time here at Penn. But if you're like me (and you might be if you're asking this question), you might be having a really rough time.

In fairness, Penn does have the highest mental health rating of all the Ivies, boasting of a solid D+ (seriously, and do note the sarcasm: https://www.thedp.com/article/2019/01/penn-ivy-league-mental-health-report-leave-of-absence). I'm sure there are things the university could be doing better to support the students attending it. But CAPS does exist, and when things get too hard, it is a great resource. Be open and honest about what you're dealing with with those you trust and that might help make a difficult experience a little easier.

Perky Puffin, April 9 2019 2:00 PM