Penn is technically a liberal arts school but how easy is it to take classes outside your major? Do people actually explore different subjects?

It's pretty easy, depending on pre-reqs – you just have to take initiative for it! As a Wharton/Engineering student I don't really have a lot of liberal arts/gen-ed requirements officially, but I was able to use some double-counting between my statistics and CS classes to clear out some more elective space. I've gotten to take classes ranging from political science to literature (and more coming!)

I know quite a few friends who have been able to explore other subjects – depending on your major it might be harder to clear the space, but definitely go for it! It's made my educational experience at Penn all the more rewarding, breaking out of just studying the same-old-same-old (which for me, is pretty much all quantitative).

Bovine Bear, April 9 2019, 6:32 PM