How is the nursing curriculum structured? Do they give you a 4 year learning plan or is it more choose what you want to focus on?

Hi! I asked my Nursing friend, and here's her response.

"Check out this link! You can choose whatever you want for language, sectors, electivesCore classes cover most specialties (if briefly). And hospital rotations go: obgyn (labor and delivery, post partum, NICU/ICN) in sophomore spring. Medical surgical junior fall (this covers a lot, e.g. oncology, surgical floors like transplant bariatric, trauma stepdown). It changes halfway, so you choose one medical floor and one surgical floor. Junior spring is psych/peds. Same deal with splitting in half. A lot of different psych sites, all pediatric sites are at CHOP. OB sites are various too, but medsurg sites are all at HUP or Presbyterian. Senior fall is Community Health, also various sites. I did the jails/Philadelphia department of prisons. And senior spring is leadership where you choose top 4 sites, and they try to match you. That's pretty much it though! Very structured for core classes that you'll take with the same cohort."

Wallowing Whale, January 26, 2020 6:20pm