Is Wharton hard? How are the lectures? Is it difficult to “stand out”? And if you need help - how do you go about that? Is there a big focus on Math?

Difficulty of Wharton classes really depends on who you're talking talk to/what classes you're thinking of. Lectures I'd say vary between large, presentation-style lectures and smaller, discussion-based lectures. I've found that a lot of the Business Fundamental classes or introductory level Wharton courses are more often than not like the first of the two types.

In terms of "standing out" in a Wharton classroom setting, I would say the best thing you can do is show up (which is already a big step!) and actively participate or make an effort to get to know your professor or TAs outside of class. This advice is pretty applicable to any of the four schools, I wouldn't say there is a stark difference in the way Wharton lectures operate and that of other schools (aside from content).

If you're looking for help in your classes, there are a bajillion resources out there. Go to office hours, pick up a tutor (available for a lot of introductory Wharton courses like ACCT 101), find a study partner in your class to ask for guidance, or reach out directly to your professor for some advice. Faculty in Wharton, also similarly to the other schools, are always open to helping and are more than willing to provide you with any additional academic support you need.

Finally, the focus on math is more noticeable in classes within BEPP, Finance, OIDD, or Accounting departments, but more often than not, its no higher than Calculus level and wouldn't require a lot more math knowledge than is already required by school requirements. Hope that all helps!

Dopey Dragon, January 26, 2020, 6:47 PM