I'm really struggling in Accounting 101 and Finance 101. I just took my first Acct quiz and did below average. I feel like I'm not grasping the material well and am just falling more and more behind. Does anyone have any advice at all on how to study for these two subjects? Is the textbook helpful? A particular YouTube channel that helped explain concepts? I applied for a private tutor but haven't heard back. Any tips at all would be so much appreciated, thanks!

Don't worry, accounting and finance never came naturally to me (and I'm saying this as a senior in Wharton haha...). I'd say one of the biggest steps I took with getting better in these two classes was emailing the TAs and going to the office hours of the TAs or professors. I would go there prepared with all the questions I was confused about and walk them through what I was thinking and what I didn't get (or if it was through email, I'd be very clear about what I didn't get). I also emailed the professors sometimes; lucky for us, we go to an "elite" enough institution where the professors often do answer us! Don't be afraid to follow-up with an email or two if you don't get an answer from the TAs/professors. Also don't be afraid to ask all your questions, whether that's virtually or in-person. They're there for a reason...

So I'm guessing you requested a tutor through here. If there's a delay in response, you could try reaching out to Weingarten to expedite the process. I also think study groups can be helpful after you reviewed all the material and still have these questions/concepts that you just can't wrap your head around - talking it through might help. I just took my ACCT 102 exam, and during the day while studying, I messaged a group of people who were taking the class with me with questions I didn't get. I openly admitted, "I don't have intuition here, so would be super grateful if someone could explain..."

Last, it's definitely best to practice problems that will show up on the exam, so for me that usually means I try to really go through and understand the practice exams professors put up. On cheat sheets, I include how to do each kind of problem in a way I can understand; definitely include examples and note down tricky parts.

Hope that helps, and good luck! You got this.

Wallowing Whale, 11/11/19, 1:03 AM